My motivation is the freedom experienced with play, and the thrill of the unknown outcome. There are no rules or boundaries, when you create for expression’s sake. I create out of objects that once had a specific purpose, and now are simply valued for their color, shape, and texture.

Once the piece is complete, there is a valuable shift.

The joy of communication and affecting others is paramount. Enabling people to think beyond life’s routine and helping to create thought and dialogue on a deeper level, something for which we seldom make time.

Working with me to create your artwork is a painless process that begins with meticulous communication. I listen, observe, and condense many ideas into one focused goal. I enjoy engaging my clients so that the outcome is a shared and collaborative experience. You become as much of, or as little of, the design process as you desire. Mettlesome Studios is an environment where anything that can be visualized, can be created.

~ Laszlo Palos